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Writing Intervention Program


Tutoring Max Writing Intervention Program will utilize a rubric as a scoring guide that assists educators when evaluating students’ performance and deficiencies in writing. Whatever your writing challenges may be, our expert tutors can help you overcome them. Get homework assistance, prepare for exams and master the abilities for structuring different types of writing.

Academic Success Guarantee

We guarantee at least a half-letter grade improvement or your money back when you use our programs in any one subject for 4 hours a month for 3 months. See the complete official terms.

1:1 Online Tutoring Session

Students receive a more individualized attention than in a crowded classroom, which can boost confidence and motivation.

Get a Free Session on subscription

All customers will get one free session when signing up for a monthly plan. Customers who cancel their subscription for any reason after the first tutoring session will be refunded the fee for that session. If no cancellation is made, the second session of the plan will not be charged. You may use the free session offer only once.

No long-term commitment

Change or cancel your plan anytime.

Recorded sessions for review

Every TutoringMax online session is recorded, and the recording is available for up to 30 days from the date of the session, so students can go back for reference and reinforcement.

Choose a Subscription Plan

1 weekly session (8-week program) = $57.50/week
2 weekly sessions (8-week program) = $108.80/week
3 weekly sessions (8-week program) = $153.60/week

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