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Max Reviewers


Max Reviewers
Research shows that 26.2 percent of college students have deficits in writing skills. Our proofreading and editing services aim to provide support for students to improve their academic writing skills and gain confidence in the long term.

The Max Reviewers are all native English speakers and have a college or masters degree. They will assist you with the revision of style, grammar, basic formatting, and sentence structure while providing a report with valuable suggestions and helpful comments that will strengthen your writing skills.

All the changes made to your writing are tracked so that you will know exactly what was done. You will also be able to stay in touch with your assigned Max Reviewer to get clarification.

Affordable Prices
$12  to $16
page with 1100 words
If you are in a hurry, you can ask Max Reviewer for a shorter deadline and pay an extra fee.
How Max Reviewers can help you?
Help for non-native speakers

If English is not the first language of your family, your child may struggle to produce high-quality academic texts and compete fairly with his or her peers. Having the assistance of a Max Reviewer can make your child more competitive and is a great way to boost his or her grades and school performance.

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Our experts help you with a paper, writing an essay or any kind of academic work. We don’t do it for you. We help you to do it better.
How it Works:

Send us a draft for a paper, essay, dissertation or any other academic writing you need help with and just tell us your deadline

Within 24 hours, an expert reviewer will contact you by phone for the final briefing and confirm your order

On the scheduled day just download work perfectly edited, proofread, and polished. No worries, no surprises

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