AC&A’s Integral Tutoring System
( Pre-K to 5th Grade )

> Tutoring On-demand
1:1 Certified Tutors for Students from Pre-Kindergarten to 5th Grade, offering customized plans, data collection and progress monitoring
Prices start at $50/lesson


> Reading Intervention Program (8 weeks)
We provide your student with the tools to improve reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, phonemic and phonological awareness.
Prices start at $51/lesson


> Writing Intervention Program (8 weeks)
A tailored approach to developing students’ writing skills, raising their confidence, and enhancing their skills.
Prices start at $51/lesson


> Math Intervention Program (8 weeks)
Online tutoring tailored to your students’ needs helps them understand concepts, improve their weaknesses, and achieve better grades.
Prices start at $51/lesson

K-Shield Screening can accurately analyze each student’s stage of development and recommend actions to target education for what each one is ready to learn.

Duration: 2-to-3-week program
Price: $335 (regular price)

> BIPA - Behavior Intervention Plan of Action

BIPA is the intervention plan developed after performing the K-Shield Behavior screening, when undesirable behaviors are detected in school and preschool-age children.

Duration: 3-month program
Price: $479 (regular price)


> EIPA - Educator Intervention Plan of Action

Development begins with literacy. Our specialists can identify the area(s) of concern in reading and create an action plan for educational intervention that targets the deficits in reading that need strengthening. By assessing the progress and collecting data carefully, you can determine if further interventions are necessary in collaboration with a special educator.

Duration: 3-month program
Price: $479 (regular price)

AC&A offers a full range of educational and pediatric services for your convenience:

Duration: up to 60-minute session
Price: $49 (regular price)

> RtI and Therapy Services
Consultation with senior specialists at school
Price starts at $129

> K-Shield School Analysis Report
Customized study and report by a Senior RtI Educator.
Price starts at $385

> K-Shield Sensory Room
Setting up and managing dedicated room for therapy at school.
Price on request
( 6th to 12th grade/College Prep )
Focused assistance to catch up with a specific task or subject. Private online session to ask specific questions, review for an upcoming test and get help doing tricky homework.

Prices start at $50/lesson


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1:1 assistance to help you with your at-home assignments and improve executive function skills: focus, organization, discipline and time management. Customize a plan with as many subjects as you need.

Prices start at $51/lesson

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The earlier you start preparing for college admission tests, the better your chances of getting into a top school. Learn a variety of strategies on examining problems, deciphering SAT/ACT terminology and mastering concepts found on the exams.

Prices start at $


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Having trouble writing an essay or research paper? Writing an essay for college admissions? Or do you have the essay part down, but just want someone to review it and add some finishing touches? TutoringMax offers essay proofing and writing assistance services. Our team of editors will not only review your essay for grammatical errors and correct conventions in English. But we will also, review your tone, and style of writing to ensure it appeals to your target audience. Request to speak with one of our editors today.

Prices start at $50/lesson

Services and Pricing
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(Pre-K to 5th Grade)
Category Online Tutoring, Educational and Therapy Services Duration Price
- On Demand Lessons (one subject) 60-minute session Reg. price $50
- Pack Lessons (up to 3 subjects) 4, 8 or 12 lessons/month Starting at $188
- Homework Assistance Program (one subject) 3, 6 or 12 sessions Starting at $153
- Reading / Writing / Math Intervention Program 8, 16 or 24 sessions
(8-week program)
Starting at $460
- Proofreading & Editing Service - Price on Request
- K-5 Quick Screener TBC Reg. price $30
- Behavior Screening
- Early Intervention Screening
- School Readiness
- Academics Screening
- EIS (Educator Intervention Screening)
Reg. price $335
Educational and
- EIPA (Educator Intervention Plan of Action)
- BIPA (Behavior Intervention Plan of Action)
Reg. price $479
with Specialists
- ESE Specialist
- Behavior Analyst
- Occupational Therapist
- Speech-Language Pathologist
- Physical Therapist
up to 60 minute
Reg. price $49
K-Shield for Schools kshield-tutoring-logo
Category Consultancy and advisory Services Price
RtI and
Therapy Services
Consultation with senior specialists at school Reg. price $ 129
K-Shield School
Analysis Report
Customized study and report by a Senior RtI Educator Reg. price $385
Sensory Room
Setting up and managing dedicated room for therapy at school Price on request
The K-5 Quick Screener will be offered to schools that have at least 6 students in each class Reg. price $30/student
(6th to 12th grade/College Prep)
Online Tutoring Services Duration Price
OnDemand Lessons - One subject per purchase. Student can use the lessons whenever they want, for a maximum period of one year. 60-minute session Reg. price $50
Pack Lessons - Choose up to 3 subjects and select number
of lessons (4, 8 or 12 sessions)
60-minute session Starting at $188
Homework Assistance Program - Choose one subject and select number
of lessons (3, 6 or 12 sessions)
60-minute session Starting at $153
Test Prep Program - SAT/ACT/GRE Private Lessons 60-minute session Reg. price $120
Max Reviewers - Essay and Paper Proof Reading TBC Price on Request
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Screening Day
Quick Screening & Comprehensive Assessment for the “whole child” to consider developmental or learning delays. As well as Diagnostic testing in Reading & Math.
Price: $30/student
Try now K-5 Quick Screener for Schools!
K-Shield Educational Journey

We are integral because we go far beyond a regular tutoring service. 

The K-Shield Educational Journey was designed on the Montessori premise that Education begins at Birth.

From early intervention to school readiness assessments, from reading intervention plans to college prep, our integral system can provide full cognitive, behavioral and developmental support, going far beyond a regular tutoring service.

We are ready to provide a comprehensive list of online and in-person services that range from a variety of screenings, analysis and data collection to individualized intervention plans and highly effective therapy services.

Our tutors are certified, trained, and experienced teachers, supported by a multidisciplinary team of ESE specialists, behavior analysts and pediatric therapists.

Who We Are

Amee Cohen & Associates has been practicing as a lead school and home-based company for the past 20 years in Florida. As we see needs arise, we continue to grow to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals and students today. Out of this came our company and educational services, K-Shield Tutoring & TutoringMax. Our tutoring programs strive to serve students from Pre-K to College at all skill levels. We believe in respecting the needs of the “whole child” not just focusing on grades or tests.

What We Offer

Assistance with identification of learning delays and/or developmental delays; providing extensive feedback for parents and school staff.

Best practice educational plans developed for academic success and recommendations for intervention when needed.

Conference materials for planning and positive outcomes provided to parents/school staff.

1:1 online tutors for students from Pre-Kindergarten to College
AC&A’s Integral Tutoring System was developed to form a collaborative partnership with districts, schools, and educators, supporting student learning progress across all educational, behavioral, and developmental aspects, at all grade levels.
Bulk Pricing and Special Plans for your District

Chrystal Fuller, AC&A General Dist. Manager, will be happy to create a collaborative partnership with you that includes plans and pricing tailored to each school and student’s needs.