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Research shows that students can lose up to two months of academic skills during summer vacation. Whether you attend home school, virtual school, or brick and mortar school, our experienced tutors can supplement instruction to help students retain and gain the necessary skills to confidently enter the next grade level.
It´s Back to School Season:
5 tips for a successful new academic year
Read on our tutors’ advice on how to start the school year off right and make the most of your study time.
Get into a study routine

Being often late or forgetting your homework or school material can cause anxiety and derail your whole day. Establishing a daily routine will help you stay focused and organized while you manage your study load. Consider your grade level, extracurricular activities, and other commitments to create a sustainable schedule.

Create a comfortable, distraction-free study space
If your study space includes a TV or other people chatting nearby, it´s probably not the best place for you to study and do homework. Find a quiet place and keep distractions away: put your gaming console in a drawer, leave pets in another room and shut off smartphone notifications. Make sure you are comfortable: avoid sitting on the couch or in bed as this may cause you to become sleepy. Another tip is to keep your books and notebooks together on a shelf, which makes it less likely for you to forget or lose something.
Take breaks
For every hour or so that you spend working on a task, give yourself a little break to breathe, relax, and reenergize doing things you love. Breaking up your study time will prevent brain drain and give you more focus. Just make sure that your quick breaks don’t turn into longer procrastination breaks!
Reward yourself
When you have completed a task or piece of homework, or when you have done well in a lesson, reward yourself in small ways – for example, by taking a 10-minute break or treating yourself to one episode of your favorite show. Positive reinforcement is a great thing to keep you active and motivated.
Communicate with your tutor

Your tutors are experts in the subjects they teach and are there to provide guidance and support throughout your learning. They will be more than happy to help when you have trouble understanding a concept or need direction on a project, task, or essay. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! By effectively communicating with your tutor, you can maintain and increase your grades. 

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