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Academic Success Guarantee
Terms and conditions
What is the Academic Success Guarantee?

TutoringMax guarantees your learning progress and academic results. We have no doubt with your hard work plus our expert tutors you will fill gaps in learning and improve your school grades. We guarantee at least a half letter grade improvement (for example B to A-) or your money back when you use our programs on any subject for a minimum of 4 hours per month for 3 months.

Who is eligible for TutoringMax Academic Success Guarantee?

You must:
• be a student in grade K-12, enrolled in a school in the United States;
• have purchased one of our 4-hour-a-month subscriptions;
• be taking a course over the span of three months;
• complete all major assignments and exams;
• receive grades reports in a way that allows us to see whether or not your grades have improved at least a half letter;

How does Academic Success Guarantee work?

If you complete three consecutive months studying with our tutors at least 4 hours a month and your school grades in the qualifying subject do not raise at least a half letter, we will refund what you spent on tutoring.

How do we know if your grade improved?

At the beginning of your tutoring plan, we´ll establish a baseline starting grade that will be used to determine if you improved your performance. If you start working with us in the beginning of a grading period (a quarter, trimester, or semester), and you have yet to receive your first mid-term grade, your final grade in the prerequisite course will be used as the starting point. If you are taking a course for which there is no natural prerequisite, the three-month period does not begin until you receive your first grade in the course.

TutoringMax Money Back Guarantee Policy

We offer a refund when you use our programs on any subject for a minimum of 4 hours per month for 3 months and do not get at least a half letter grade improvement or your school grades. If you wish to request a refund, please go through our Money Back policy carefully. Make sure to read this page thoroughly before registering for any of TutoringMax services.

1. All refunds will only be made to the same account or credit card from which payments were made initially.

2. We do not make any check or cash refunds. We only make online refunds.

3. Any extra charges absorbed by the customer such as bank transaction fees, service fees or processing fees will not be refunded.

4. We do not pay any interest on refunds.

5. Customers should produce valid documentation to claim a refund. That means if you submit a request for a refund, you will be required to share your school records with us for verification of your grades.

6. You may use the Academic Success Guarantee refund only once. This guarantee applies to U.S. customers only.

7. We reserve the right to refuse refunds for any reason other than the listed on Academic Success Guarantee conditions.

8. We reserve the right to update the contents of this refund policy from time to time without prior notice. Make sure to keep updated before you register for any of our services.

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